AZOO CARBON PLUS 120ml – Liquid 6 times more concentrated



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Product description

6 times more concentrated than competitive products

It improves plant growth, blocks algae


AZOO CARBON PLUS is first and foremost a very effective and efficient source of organic carbon (C), the most important, necessary ingredient for plant construction. Carbon (C) contained in the preparation without which plants cannot live is quickly absorbed by them, without additional energy loss. Regular use of AZOO CARBON PLUS visibly and quickly improves plant growth, color and condition.

In addition, AZOO CARBON PLUS offers a wide range of beneficial properties. The special anti-algae formula limits the growth of thread-like and brush-like algae, which is confirmed by tests. A big advantage of the carbon contained in AZOO CARBON PLUS is its strong reducing properties, the preparation transforms 3-valuable Fe3 + iron ions poorly absorbed by plants into plants easily absorbed by Fe2 + ions, which are responsible for “lush” green in aquatic plants. The phenomenon of ion precipitation into a non-absorbable form, especially iron, is present in every aquarium with more than average lighting where low-quality fertilizers are used, which is why AZOO CARBON PLUS works so effectively in these tanks. AZOO CARBON PLUS can be used successfully in any aquarium with plants. Ideal when installing a tank, even a tank without plants! It helps to prevent unwanted algae during the most difficult period, i.e. at the start of the aquarium. Due to the very wide range of beneficial properties, AZOO CARBON PLUS has become in less than two years the most recognized preparation containing liquid carbon on the aquarium market.



Optimally provides absorbable carbon (C) for plants
Provides more beneficial properties than carbon-only preparations
Significantly improves longitudinal and transverse growth of plants in the aquarium
It improves the condition of plants, enhances colors, speeds up photosynthesis and “spilling”
It effectively blocks threadlike algae
Effectively blocks brushwood algae
Strengthens the action of micro element fertilizers used
Ideal for “start without algae” in any freshwater aquarium
“Converts” non-absorbable Fe3 + to easily absorbed by Fe2 + plants
It improves plant growth and blocks algae even in aquariums with CO2 equipment
Super concentrate, the best price-performance ratio and properties
Compatible with all AZOO fertilizers
AZOO CARBON PLUS has the highest efficiency among liquid carbon preparations. The maximum dosage is only 1ml of the preparation for 40l of water a day or every two days. Popular carbon sources, e.g. Easy Life Easy Carbo have a maximum dosage of 1ml per 25l. This means that AZOO CARBON PLUS is almost twice as efficient.


Plants need all the right nutrients for growth. In the absence of any ingredient they will not grow. The most important ingredient for their growth is carbon. Analysis of the dry matter of the plant shows that more than 50% of its mass is just carbon, and the next important components such as nitrogen and phosphorus are only 1-3%. It can be assumed that coal for plants is like bricks when building a house. There is no way to build a house without bricks, just like plants can’t build their tissues without carbon. The carbon sources in the aquarium are either carbon dioxide (CO2) from an expensive high-pressure cylinder, or an organic carbon source in liquid form like AZOO CARBON PLUS, you can also use both methods at the same time.


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