AZOO Betta Guard [60ml]



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AZOO BETTA GUARD is a multi-purpose preparation that prepares tap water for use in an aquarium with fighters.

It contains concentrated almond leaf extract, which favors the life of these beautiful fish, creating their dream environment. It removes chlorine and chloramine, which allows for safe application of preparations containing beneficial bacteria, such as AZOO EAZY BIO.

Regular use of AZOO BETTA GUARD in tap water provides the fighters with the best living conditions and results in healthy, beautifully colored fish.

Contains almond leaf extract, effectively improves fish immunity, reproduction, and intensifies colors
It creates the most natural, tropical and ideal environment for fighters to live
Effectively removes ammonia, chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
Provides B vitamins, increasing the resistance and metabolism of fish
Restores the worn out “carbonate hardness” and stabilizes the pH
Removes greasy membranes from the water surface.
should be used to provide fighters with the best water quality, reduce stress and stabilize the pH in the following situations:
in the new aquarium
in a working aquarium after a water change
if there is fat or foam on the water surface.
add 5ml of the preparation per 1l of water after changing
add 2.5 ml of the preparation per 1 liter a week without changing the water.
Packaging: 60ml


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