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Product description
Aquaguard is a concentrated and, above all, very economical tap water conditioner for any type of aquarium. 10ml. The Aquaguard treats up to 100 liters of tap water. In addition, it acts as a stress-relieving tonic, its regular use calms the fish, so it is recommended to use a conditioner, also in weeks without water changes. Aquaguard is the easiest and most economical way to prepare tap water.

Offers a multi-stage treatment effect.
It neutralizes aggressive chlorine (Cl) from tap water.
Instantly neutralizes harmful heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Zn) in your tap water.
It contains special organic additives, increasing the natural resistance of fish to diseases.
Reduces the stress of fish during water changes, during handling and transport.
It helps fish to adapt to new conditions faster.
It protects the mucosa of the fish.
It creates friendly water for fish, crustaceans and bacterial colonies.
Suitable for freshwater, plant, marine and reef aquariums.
Available packages: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 3800ml.
We recommend using the Aquaguard whenever the surroundings of the fish or the water parameters change, e.g.

partial water exchange *
transferring fish to another aquarium
introducing new fish, shrimps and plants
transport of fish
after completing the treatment of fish treatment together with AZOO SUPER ACTIVE CARBON
* When changing the water, it is best to add the preparation to the container / bucket in which you prepare the water for replacement and mix it briefly. When changing the water directly from the tap without pretreating it, add Aquaguard directly to the aquarium before adding tap water to treat it as soon as possible.

Tap water for human use is to be good tasting and free from pathogenic bacteria. Usually, for this purpose, chlorine or its compounds are used in waterworks, which are harmful to fish and crustaceans. Additionally, such water does not contain any beneficial bacterial cultures for our aquarium. That is why it is so important to treat it with Aquaguard every time you change the water in the aquarium. Every experienced aquarist knows that a stabilized aquarium lives its own life only thanks to millions of bacteria in colonies, concentrated mainly in the substrate and on filter cartridges. Every time you change the water without prior treatment and removal of chlorine, you can kill all the beneficial bacteria that work for you, removing toxins, poisonous ammonia and nitrites. Regular use of Aquaguard allows beneficial bacterial colonies to develop. Heavy metals present in the water within the standards for humans are not always within the standards for aquatic animals. While water for 1-2 days helps remove chlorine, it does not remove the heavy metals that Aquaguard removes. If the water contains chloramine, it must be removed with AZOO CHLORINE & CHLORAMINE REMOVER. This information can be obtained from the waterworks supplying water to your home.

Directions for use:
Water change: Add 10ml per 100l of water after changing.
Regular care: Add 5ml per 100l every 5-7 days.
Transportation: Add 1ml per 10l of water to the container / bag for transportation.
New Fish: Add 10ml per 100L of water after introducing new fish into the aquarium.
Treatment: Add 20ml per 100l after finishing the fish treatment.
Shake well before each use and add at the filter outlet.
Screw tight after use.
The cap serves as a convenient measure for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.


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