AZOO Anti-Ammonia Rock 500g



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Product description
Anti-Ammonia Rock is a chemical cartridge for removing the most dangerous nitrogen compound resulting from fish faeces. Regularly used, it removes ammonium and nitrite, stabilizes the pH and contributes to extending the life of fish by reducing nitrogen toxicity and minimizing stress. Regularly used, it allows you to reduce water changes and increase the fish stock. The cartridge is in the form of a fine grit for the fastest operation. In addition, when used when setting up an aquarium, it allows for faster introduction of fish and a reduction in the mortality of the stock in non-stabilized aquariums. The set includes a durable, very fine, binding net for the cartridge, which allows the cartridge to be placed in the filter.

Natural, ecological mineral, consisting of several types of zeolite, adapted to the filtration of aquarium water.
It quickly absorbs ammonium and nitrite ions, protecting all living organisms in the aquarium from poisoning and bad conditions.
It helps in water purification, helps to obtain a stable pH in the range 6.5-7.5.
Reduces the frequency of water changes.
Allows you to increase the fish stock in the same aquarium.
Increases the survival of fish and organisms sensitive to ammonia.
Removes unpleasant odors, chemicals and harmful substances from the water.
500g of this medium treats 100l of aquarium water for 3 months. The cartridge should be replaced regularly every 3 months.


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