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AZOO ALGAE TREATER is a safe preparation that removes and blocks algae growth. The product used in accordance with the instructions is harmless to fish and aquarium plants and does not destroy beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. AZOO ALGAE TREATER can harm freshwater and marine crustaceans.


AZOO ALGAE TREATER blocks algae such as:

bushy algae (spherical, compact turf, reddish, dark).
bearded algae (green 3-5cm long, compact).
thread algae (long individual threads growing up to 50cm, and threads of thread).
brown algae (diatoms, brown deposits on decorations, plants, glass).
gravel algae.
algae red (black, to red short, dense brushes).
flowering algae (blooms of green water).

Prevents excessive growth of adherent algae.
It prevents water flowering (so-called green water).
It prevents the growth of algae on new plants.
It blocks algae such as: bushy algae, bearded algae, filamentous algae, brown algae, red algae, phytoplankton.
Used by leaflets is harmless to fish and aquatic plants.
Suitable for freshwater, marine and pond.
Available containers: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 20L.

PREVENTIONALLY: Add 5ml per 100l of water after each change.
ALGAE REMOVAL: Before treatment, remove any activated carbon from the aquarium and ensure strong oxygenation. Add 10ml of the preparation per 100l of water every 2 days, three times in a row. 2 days after the end of the treatment, manually remove the remaining algae and infected leaves, make a 30% water change. Then put in the AZOO SUPER ACTIVE CARBON filter and remove it after 40 days. After treatment, add 5ml per 100l of water as a precaution after each change.
NEW PLANTS: After buying plants, give them a 1 hour bath to eliminate algae. Add 10ml of the preparation for 1l of water to the bathing container. Plants must be completely submerged.
Shake well before use and add at the inlet to the filter.
After use, turn tightly and keep away from sunlight.
The cap serves as a convenient measuring cup for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.

For continuous problems with algae growth, we offer anti-algae solutions. Treatment can be carried out using the following preparations, the preparation should be adapted to the type of algae.

Preparations that prevent, remove algae nutrients or prevent them from developing.

AZOO pH6.8 ALGAE AWAY FILTER – an economical filter cartridge, removes algae medium, i.e. nitrates (NO3) and phosphates (PO4). Works for 3 months ..
AZOO DOUBLE BLACK WATER – Introduces natural substances to the water to prevent algae growth and to promote fish’s life and reproduction.
AZOO PHOSPHATE REMOVER – Removes algae medium, i.e. phosphates (PO4), the liquid works very quickly after pouring.

These preparations effectively block and remove algae from the aquarium.

AZOO GREEN WATER REMOVER – removes green water, i.e. floating algae
AZOO ALGAE TREATMENT – blocks the growth of most bushy, sticky algae
AZOO BRUSH ALGAE KILLER – kills all forms of brush algae in the aquarium
AZOO NANO-TECH MAGIC TABLET – filter insert, quickly removes adherent, bushy and algae blooms for a long time, very strong, only for aquariums without plants.
When removing algae, it is a good idea to combine preparations that prevent the growth of algae with preparations that remove them, so that the algae do not return after removal.



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