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Product description
Algae Away is a preparation intended for water treatment in freshwater aquariums and ponds. It takes an effective fight against algae and prevents the appearance of new unwanted guests in the aquarium. Bushy, slimy, threadlike, brown, bearded, red algae and green water algae are efficiently removed from the tank. The agent is completely safe for plants, fish and beneficial nitrifying bacteria. It can be used in water of various hardness without any side effects on the water condition.

Suitable for freshwater aquariums and ponds.
It removes algae and prevents the formation of new ones.
Not harmful to plants, animals and beneficial bacteria.
Used in tanks with different water hardness.
Regular use prevents the formation of new algae.
Application and dosage:
Before using the preparation, change 1/3 of the water and remove the activated carbon from the filter.
Shake well and add the right amount of liquid to the aquarium water at the filter outlet.
When measuring the right amount of the preparation to the amount of water, it is recommended to use a bottle cap. A full cap equals 20ml, the inner cap equals 5ml. Use 5 ml of the preparation per 100 ml of water.
Dosing once a day for 15 days (no need to change the water during treatment). The thread algae disappear 4-7 days after the first application. The algae disappear after 15 days after the last dose of the preparation.
Systematic dosing once a week prevents the formation of algae.
Preventive after changing the water: 5ml of the preparation per 100ml.
Preventive after purchasing the plants: 10 ml of the preparation per 1L of water when bathing plants in a vessel.


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