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AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 (12 pieces)

The most perfect filter cartridge


For freshwater, plant, marine and reef aquariums.


AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 is a powerful and unique biological and chemical filter insert combining the power of the 4 best, innovative AZOO cartridges, which are solutions created by a specialized biotechnology department to create the perfect conditions for the life of animals in the aquarium.
AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 consists of and combines the advantages of four Calcium & Magnesium Ion, Silver Ion, Anion, Far Infrared-Rays cartridges, making it the most universal filter cartridge with the widest possible spectrum of action and beneficial properties.
AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 is characterized by the largest filtration surface, excellent water-permeable structure, long hydraulic retention time (HRT) and dozens of unique properties not found in other media. Active Filter is the most technologically advanced filter medium in the aquarium and has no equivalents. No other cartridge even offers a fraction of the Active Filter properties.
AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 should be used to create ideal water conditions and filtration conditions for animals in the aquarium, reduce the risk of diseases, pathogens, algae and phytoplanton, as well as increase comfort and extend the life of fish and other animals.
AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 is recommended to be used in aquariums with expensive animals requiring the highest water quality and maximum possible biological filtration min. Arowana, Discus fish, Sea Fish, Large flocks of Tanganyika cichlids, Malawi.
AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 in packs of 12 and 48 pieces can be placed in each filter in a place with constant water flow, especially in internal and cascade filters.


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