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Starts filters, Removes ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO2)

For freshwater, plant, marine, reef and pond aquariums.
A multi-purpose bacterial-enzyme preparation, specially designed to stabilize the aquarium and achieve a perfectly functioning biosystem in freshwater and marine aquariums. It immediately removes toxic matter like ammonia (NH4), nitrite (NO2) from the aquarium. Used regularly every week, it helps to achieve optimal activity of the biological degradation of toxins through microorganisms. Used regularly together with PSB, it limits water changes and creates the highest quality clean and friendly water environment, ideal for living organisms.

– Prevents “new aquarium syndrome”
– Instantly activates filters through active strains of bacteria
– Quickly and naturally breaks down organic compounds, ammonia (NH3), nitrites (NO2)
– Establishes a healthy and stable system of biological degradation by microorganisms
– Stabilizes water quality at a high level
– Makes the water crystal clear
– Increases the amount of dissolved oxygen
– stimulates the development of high resistance against diseases
– Greatly improves fish metabolism
– Reduces casting losses due to overlap, minimizes stress
– Contains Bacillus sp, Lactobacillus sp, Streptococcus sp, Aspergillus spp, mushrooms, yucca extract, enzymes
– For freshwater, plant, marine, reef and pond aquariums
– Available containers: 60ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 3800ml, 20L

AZOO 11in1 SUPER BIO-BACTERIA are the highest quality, specialized, multi-task bacterial cultures. They consist of colonies of many strains (enhanced) of strong aerobic bacteria and enzymes for maximum effect. Bacteria used regularly create strong, persistent bacterial colonies capable of breaking down very large masses of ammonia and nitrite into the least harmful form of nitrogen, i.e. nitrates. The beneficial effects of bacteria contained in Azoo 11in1 Super Bio-Bacteria are not only organic for the decomposition of nitrogen compounds. In addition, beneficial bacteria quickly establish a biological balance by stabilizing the newly established and already functioning aquarium. The correct nitrogen cycle accelerated by specialized Azoo bacteria has a very positive effect on the well-being of fish, improves their vitality, eliminates shy, hiding in dark places of the aquarium and reduces the mortality associated with the accumulation of poisonous ammonia. Correct, improved fish metabolism allows for healthy fish growth and a visible increase in resistance to stress and disease. The preparation significantly improves water purity. AZOO 11in1 SUPER BIO-BACTERIA is an effective bacterial preparation with no market equivalents. It consists of up to 11 ingredients and bacterial strains, after opening with the naked eye you can see the power of the preparation. 11in1 Super Bio-Bacteria is a timeless, simplified product, simplified, fast biostarter with many additional beneficial properties.

AZOO 11in1 SUPER BIO-BACTERIA should be used to establish microbiological balance, or to restore it in the following situations:
– in a new aquarium
– in the already working aquarium after water change
– after each filter cleaning
– daily during fish treatment and after treatment
– in over-aquariums to accelerate the decomposition of poisonous ammonium, ammonia and nitrite *

1. Add 30-50ml of the preparation per 100l of water while setting up the aquarium.
2. Add 30ml of the preparation per 100l after each water change.
3. Add 10ml of the preparation per 100l after the fish treatment every day.
4. Shake well before use and add at the inlet to the filter.
5. After use, turn tightly and keep away from sunlight.
6.1 cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.

Fish and crustaceans are very sensitive to the harmful effects of nitrogen compounds, especially ammonia, which can decimate life in the aquarium. Usually, this problem goes unnoticed in aquariums until the death of those under their care. Sensitivity to nitrogen compounds depends on the species, e.g. delicate farmed shrimps die with minimal amounts of ammonia, and the average amount of nitrogen impairs the vital functions of discus. The well-being and proper behavior of fish is an indicator of the proper functioning of the small ecosystem, which is the aquarium. When fish begin to behave unnaturally, it means that the biological balance in the aquarium has been disturbed. To avoid this, you should regularly check the level of nitrogen compounds in the water. It can be checked easily and quickly with the AZOO NO3 TEST, AZOO NO2 TEST, AZOO NH4 / NH3 TEST tests. Just because fish are alive doesn’t mean they are doing well. Typically, smaller amounts of this poisonous compound that are not yet able to kill fish impair their vital functions such as reproduction, spawning, food intake, and vitality. Each breeder had a situation when fish suddenly died several pieces at a time from one species. This is usually preceded by high timidity, stress, hiding “in the corners”. Very often, the reason is a poor biological balance and an excess of accumulating nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, or an insufficient base of aerobic bacteria that would be able to reduce ammonia quickly enough so that it does not impair the vital functions of fish and crustaceans. Ammonia in the aquarium is present all the time, the fish are settled all the time and the organic matter in the aquarium breaks down all the time. That is why they build bacterial colonies in the aquarium, which break down this poisonous compound and nitrite to the least harmful form of nitrogen, i.e. nitrates (NO3). Therefore, for the maximum effect of water purification in aquariums and exclusion of fish mortality due to toxic nitrogen, especially ammonia, we recommend the simultaneous use of liquid bacterial preparations Azoo PSB, Azoo 11in1 Super Bio-Bacteria and “dormant” bacteria powder Azoo NitriPro, Azoo NitraAct. The bacteria contained in the preparations act in various fields and complement each other.

To protect bacterial colonies that build up in filters, media, plants in water, you must remember that chlorine compounds kill bacterial colonies. Chlorine compounds must be neutralized before each water change, topping up, etc. Patient aquarists will wait 2 days holding water in buckets. For less patient, requiring top-quality aquarists, free of chlorine and heavy metals, we recommend the Azoo Aquaguard multi-purpose conditioner, and with large amounts of chlorine or chloramine, which cannot be removed by leaving water for 1-2 days, we recommend Azoo Chlorine & Chloramine Remover. Please do not forget to rinse and clean the filter cartridges and pre-filters in the water drained from the aquarium, or chlorinated, not under the tap.
Azoo is an absolute leader in the field of biotechnology and has advanced research laboratories and facilities for the “cultivation” of many bacterial strains for aquarium purposes. As one of the few it deals with its own production of microorganisms and as the only one has such extensive experience and such a wide range of specialized bacterial products with such a wide range of applications, from freshwater aquarium, through sea and reef, to specialized products for groups of aquatic organisms difficult to grow, such as: freshwater shrimp or ara.


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