AutoAqua Smart ATO DUO - optical automatic top-up


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Intelligent automatic refill with pump. It has a double optical sensor and a number of security measures that react in the event of errors. Smart ATO will never overflow the tank, even if the “eye” becomes dirty, thanks to the QST system. Smart ATO DUO is a completely safe device so that you can sleep well.

What can Smart ATO DUO be used for?
– refilling water from the reserve tank to the main or sump
– automatic filling of tanks

Don’t worry about the refill getting jammed again and overflowing your tank. From now on, this clever gadget will watch over it. Just mount the optical sensor on any tank / bucket / jug and the water will fill it up to eye level. No tools are required for installation. Additionally, there is no unreliable float valve (WC) to fail.

Optical sensor and assembly method:
It’s a much better solution than a regular float! But it is not everything. The sensor from the AutoAqua kit has a double “eye” and therefore has double control over the situation.
The sensor is installed quickly and easily using a strong magnet. Therefore, you can install the eye anywhere. The maximum glass thickness is 12.7mm

QST (Quick Security Technology) security program:
The intelligent refill will prevent the tank from overflowing, even in the event of a system failure. Why? If the first filling of the tank took 10 seconds, then no further tank filling may exceed 60 seconds. So, it allows a maximum of 6 times more than the first time. In this way, we exclude the possibility of overflowing the aquarium in the event of a sensor failure or its contamination, a computer error is excluded and the pump is prevented from running dry when the reserve is empty.

Use the touch button (DUO text on computer) to “cancel” the alarm.

Other security features:
With the help of beeps and a combination of colored LED light, the computer will inform you of any possible problems. For example: pump connected incorrectly, erroneous contradictory readings of the eye – possible eye contamination, lack of filling from 72h and other cases dependent and not dependent on Smart ATO DUO.

Additionally, the set includes an air inlet installed on a pipe in the reserve tank. It allows you to get rid of the water from the tube when the pump is not working.

What’s included?
– “eye” sensor on the cable with the computer
– Power Supply
– water pump
– original packaging
– hose holder
– 200cm hose
– connector – air inlet

Pump power:
– capacity: 280l / h
– lifting : 250cm
– power consumption: 4.8W



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