ARTEMIA PREMIUM DAILY FOOD – FLAKES are complete flake food for all kind of tropical and sea fish. The flakes contain
over 40 ingredients and are specially enriched with ARTEMIA (min. 50%), finely ground marine crustaceans, mollusks and
marine algae. It is a floating feed! Ingredients: Fishmeal, cereals, vegetable protein concentrates, dried yeast, shellfish,
algae, oil and fats, lecithin, antioxidants and colorants. Analysis: Fibers 2%, Raw fat 3%, Ash 9%, Raw protein 46%, Moisture
12%. Vitamin A IU/Kg 25 000 Vitamin D3 IU/Kg 1 500 Vitamin B2 Mg/kg 6 Vitamin B12 Mg/kg 8,1 Vitamin E Mg/kg 100
Vitamin K3 Mg/kg 9 Vitamin C L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate Mg/kg 300. Feeding Instructions: several times a day in small
portions, in such way that fish can eat in a few minutes. Stored in a cool dry place