Aquario BLUE TWIN Professional – two-inlet regulator with solenoid valve



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Aquario BLUE TWIN Professional reducer It is a reducer that precisely distributes CO2 gas into two aquarium tanks. This is the highest quality product, created from start to finish especially for the needs of aquariums. It is characterized by remarkable precision of CO2 dosing and a design that uses solutions proven in practice.

The reducer has built-in: 2 x bubble counter, 2 x precision valve, 2 x non-return valve, solenoid valve and dial gauge.

The gas path from the cylinder through the BLUE TWIN reducer runs through several devices:

1. Clock
The clock shows the pressure of the gas inside the cylinder, thanks to which it is easy to predict gas consumption in the cylinder.

2.Aquario BLUE reducer
The reducer is made of a metal alloy meeting the highest technical requirements, while ensuring high durability and reliability of its components. Thanks to this, the device ensures 100% tightness and high precision of gas dosing.

3. Solenoid valve
The solenoid valve is located in front of the precision valves, which guarantees tight closure (due to high gas pressure closing the solenoid valve plunger) and long-term operation.

Between the solenoid valve and the precision valves, the gas is divided into two exit routes.

4. Precision valves x 2
One on each road. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to regulate the gas flow to the selected tank. The valves are accurate in their work and can completely and tightly close the gas path.

5. Bubble counters with check valves x 2
Virtually indestructible bubble counter which has been equipped with a compression fitting that fits both silicone and pressure PU hoses. Fully disassembled, which facilitates cyclic refilling with water.
The bubble counter has a built-in non-return valve, which prevents gas or water from backing up.

All elements are integrated with the reducer, which greatly facilitates its use.

The box also includes a handy wrench with which you can easily tighten the CO2 cylinder reducer.


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