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– original packaging 50 pcs.
General information :
AQUAMAX TERRDRAKON SE are high-quality clay balls for use in an aquarium to improve the fertility of the substrate for plants. AQUAMAX TERRDRAKON SE supplies all the necessary micro and macro elements for all plants. The micronutrients used are quadruple chelated for a long-lasting and spectacular effect of use. Available in two pack sizes, for individual requirements (10 or 50 balls). Terrdrakon SE is real and long-lasting results!


hand-made of noble, dried clay from Sri Lanka

filled with a high-quality mixture of micro and macro elements

has as many as 15 important nutrients for plants

effectively replenishes visible and invisible deficiencies of micro and macro elements

revives green, prevents yellowing and holes

Good clay is not enough for a perfect substrate!

By using aquamax terrdrakon NPK and SE in the aquarium, the positive properties of this high-quality clay will be developed. Pure clay supports plant fertilization based on ion exchange. For this phenomenon, of course, nutrients and good clay are needed. The mixture of aquamax terrdrakon NPK and SE, in addition to dried clay, also contains all the nutrients necessary for this exchange. Aquamax Terrdrakon fertilizes plant roots for a long time!

Terrdrakon fertilizer balls are developed in close cooperation with reputable chemists and plant fertilization specialists such as Dr. Andreas Kremser (brand DRAK), making them ideally suited to the needs of fertilization in freshwater aquariums.


– The optimal dose is 3-4 balls per 100l aquarium

– The balls should be inserted deep into the ground directly under the plants

– Use 1-3 balls for large plants or a group of plants depending on the size of the aquarium

– Repeat every 3-6 months depending on the condition of the plants

– Plant roots start to nourish quickly after applying the balls


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