Aquaforest Zoa Food 30 g



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Aquaforest Zoa Food 30 g

Powdered food intended mainly for zoanthus, as well as ricordei, rhodactis and other mushrooms. A carefully selected blend of plants developed to meet all the nutritional needs of zaonthus and mushroom myceliums. AF Zoa Food has been enriched with a special set of vitamins ideally suited to the needs of these corals. By supplementing the composition with a vitamin blend, AF Zoa Food supports healthy and intense growth. AF Zoa Food provides the most important nutrients, which improves the color of corals and accelerates their development.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon per 100 l of aquarium water. Fill a small container with approx. 20 ml of aquarium water, then add a teaspoon of food and mix for one minute. Pour the suspension directly into the aquarium or use a pipette to feed the selected corals. Use at least once a week. In heavily planted, mature aquariums, the product can even be dosed daily.

The product is intended exclusively for aquariums. Store in a cool place away from light. Keep away from children.


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