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Preparation for the treatment of tap water with the addition of vitamins and a protective colloid. It binds heavy metals present in it and removes toxic forms of chlorine. The compounds present in the water become bioavailable for plants. Instantly prepares tap water for direct use in the aquarium

AF Water Conditioner reduces the level of chlorine that is dangerous for fish, binds and neutralizes heavy metals. It makes the compounds contained in the water bioavailable to plants, e.g. iron. During the transport of fish, skin and fins are often damaged, and the mucus layer is reduced. Due to the content of a protective colloid, which replaces the natural mucus, fish skin regenerates faster and is less prone to injuries and infections. A specially selected composition of B vitamins additionally strengthens the immune system of fish and supports their regeneration.

The content of protective colloid and B vitamins makes the fish easier to withstand stress and is more resistant to diseases. AF Water Conditioner works immediately after application.

Dosage: 20 ml of AF Water Conditioner per 100 l of tap water.
Use during each water change, when creating a new tank and when transporting fish.


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