Aquael ULTRA 100W heater



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Aquael 100W water heater

The heater is controlled by an extremely convenient ONE-TOUCH system consisting of a single button and a ring of LED diodes indicating the current and programmed temperature. The electronic thermostat operates with an exceptional precision of +/- 0.25 ° C, maintaining a constant temperature in the aquarium, which ensures thermal comfort even to the most sensitive species of aquarium animals. The temperature regulation range is from 20 to 33 ° C, which allows you to use the heater in the treatment of many fish diseases, such as fish pox. ULTRA HEATER also has a built-in system to prevent overheating in hot weather. The unbreakable plastic housing makes the ULTRA HEATER radiators perfectly suited for tanks with large, strong fish and even water turtles. At the same time, they are completely safe and do not penetrate the inhabitants of the aquarium, even as sensitive as brachiopods or rays.

Durable and modern, unbreakable housing
Tested and calibrated in the Aquael laboratory
Display of the current temperature in the tank
Uniform temperature distribution
Clear indication of the preset temperature
Super Thin (perfect for nano-tanks)
Useful (Functional double-sided hanger)
Precision (electronic thermostat +/- 0.25 C)
Clear indication of programmed and current temperature
There are no defective mechanical parts of the thermostat
SAFE ! (Built-in thermal switch protects against overheating)
Working range 20 – 33ºC


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