Aquael LEDDY TUBE 10W 41,5cm ACTINIC



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Leddy Tube Actinic 2.0 is an LED module designed for marine and reef aquariums. It has been equipped with special LED diodes providing ideal conditions for development and life for its inhabitants. The lamp emits actinic light, giving the color from blue to slightly purple. Mimics the sunrise and sunset effect. Additionally, it improves the coloration of fish, corals and other invertebrates. It also enhances the fluorescence effect of animals by providing amazing visual stimuli, especially after dark. LED lighting consuming half as much energy as fluorescent lamps provides the same amount of light without heating the water in the tank and thanks to the directional light do not require the installation of reflectors. In addition, the LEDs used in the product are long-lasting, and the proprietary auto-regeneration system is added to enhance this effect. Also, while fluorescent lamp users can only enjoy half of the initial lighting after a year, LED users still enjoy a fully illuminated tank.

The modules are very easy to install. Compatible with Aquael covers and lamps. The set does not include any mounting adapters, so if you want to install the lighting in the cover, you must have a holder that fits fluorescent lamps with a diameter of 22mm.

Two types of light are necessary for the proper functioning of a marine reef tank: white and blue. Therefore, to fully illuminate the tank and provide the right conditions, the following lighting should be used: Leddy Tube Actinic 2.0 and Leddy Tube Marine D&N. The lights are compatible with each other. For convenient control, you can buy a Socket Duo driver to automate the process of switching between lights.



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