Aquabotanique Professional Nitro N+ 500ml



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Professional Nitro N + is a preparation from the new Aquabotanique fertilizer line designed for fertilizing plant tanks. High-nitrogen fertilizer is an essential element to maintain tank chemistry at an optimal level. Regular use increases the growth rate and improves the appearance of plants. Professional Nitro + is characterized by high performance and bioavailability.

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Aquabotanique Professional Nitro N + is a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed for fertilizing plant tanks. Due to the liquid consistency, the preparation is easily available to plants immediately after application. The product is prepared with special conditions that guarantee laboratory purity and fertilizer effectiveness at a constant high level.

The use of nitrogen fertilizer is necessary to keep the tank chemistry at an appropriate, optimal level. Its regular use has a positive effect on the condition and appearance of plants, while improving the rate of their development.

Nitrogen is an important element in every planted aquarium, thanks to which the preparation works well when there are problems with balancing the level of macroelements. The container equipped with a practical dispenser allows you to precisely measure the right dose.

For optimal results it is recommended to use the complete Aquabotanique fertilizer line.
The aquarium cared for with Aquabotanique products won first place in the AGA Contest.


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