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One of the few potassium fertilizers on the market that guarantees proper and safe fertilization, while eliminating the problem of the lack of potassium in the aquarium. Perfect as a supplement to the Planta Activ fertilizer line – Micro and Macroelements.

Aquapotas is a potassium preparation intended for feeding plants with this important element in the event of its deficiency. We give it for the first 2-3 weeks in a newly established tank, in which we cannot yet apply micro and macroelement fertilizers, and in the event of a deficiency of this element in our aquarium. The most common sign of a lack of potassium is holes in older leaves.

Aquapotas is the best supplement to fertilization in the case of tanks with a large number of fast-growing plants in which potassium is used up much faster. In general aquariums, the addition of Aquapotassium causes the start of the absorption of metabolic products by the plants in the tank. The result is a reduction of NO3 and PO4 in the tank, which has a very positive effect on the improvement of the general condition of the tank.

Fertilizers are sold in aesthetic and comfortable bottles (200 ml each) with a precise dispenser – dosing 1 ml of fertilizer. This high-class dispenser is leak-proof in any position, no matter if it is closed or open, whether it is vertical or horizontal. These are very efficient fertilizers and such a portion is sufficient for intensive fertilization of the plant-rich and rapidly metabolizing tank for many months.


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