Aquabotanique Activ Caps 24 pieces (fertilizer capsules)


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24 fertilizer capsules for aquatic plants with prolonged action, up to 100 days.

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Activ CAPS fertilizer capsules are a solid fertilizer with a full micro and macro-element profile in a convenient to use capsule form for primers. The fertilizer begins to release nutrients to the substrate for a few hours after being placed in the substrate in a slow and steady way for many weeks. They guarantee comfort and safety. They accelerate the rooting of freshly planted plants, improve the condition of all plant species. Thanks to the formula of slower release of nutrients, the capsules enable comprehensive and long-term fertilization of specific groups of plants or even larger individual plants. Perfect as a basic fertilizer system for low-tech aquariums, but also as a supplement to comprehensive fertilization in High-Tech tanks.


Use the long tweezers carefully to insert the capsule deeply into the substrate. Place the capsules at a distance of approx. 5 cm.

Before you reach for tuscany antilock preparations that can only chemically poison the bottom, consider whether the problem of algal growth, frequent fish diseases, slowing plant growth, rotting of roots, disturbances in the formation of plant root systems is not caused by the old or chemically poisoned bottom of the aquarium.

Most tank problems have their origin in abnormal biological work of the aquarium substrate. The healthy bottom of the aquarium is a properly functioning whole micro-ecosystem that is our aquarium.


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