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Levelautomatic EYE is an intelligent, fully functional system that supplements evaporated water in aquariums, based on optical water level measurement.

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Compact, reliable and secure, these are the three features that characterize the Levelautomatic EYE device. Electronics, logic and optical system are enclosed in a small, elegant casing. The lack of electrical components in direct contact with water as well as the lack of mechanical water level sensors make the device has the highest level of reliability. A series of logic protections controlled by the microprocessor and low voltage power supply ensure a very high level of security.

The Levelautomatic EYE device is equipped with a number of logical mechanisms thanks to which it does not require the user to enter any settings, adjustments, etc. These logical mechanisms communicate with the user thanks to three LEDs installed in the device and an acoustic generator.

– Water shortage alarm the device detects the lack of water in the tank from which it is taken and disconnects the pump preventing its work “on dry”

– Double-sided hysteresis (time delay) – functionality that eliminates uncontrolled, frequent switching on of the pump due to rippling of water in the tank. The pump is turned on and off by the controller with a five-second delay.

– Overflow alarm – This alarm occurs when the subsequent topping up of evaporated water is three times longer than the previous one. This functionality consists in starting the optical signal (red LED blinks slowly) and acoustic and switching off the pump.

Make-up time

4s    5s          10s       15s        25s

Next make-up alarm after

15s       15s         30s      45s        75s

Underfill alarm – The alarm occurs when the time between successive refills of evaporated water is twice as long as the previous one (minimum 24 hours). The functionality consists in activating the optical (blue LED) and acoustic signal.

Time between successive additions

5h      12h        13h     20h        24

Time after which the default alarm will occur

24      24        26s         40h              48h


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