AQUA MEDIC multi reactor L – Gen II



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multi reactor – Gen II

All-In-One filter system made of acrylic glass

– For use in the aquarium or filter sump
– Space-saving due to internal water supply
– Highly efficient filtration due to high flow through your chosen filter media (sold
separately) such as activated carbon (Carbolit), phosphate absorber (antiphos FE),
zeolithe, fine filter and so on
– Adjustable water flow
– Very simple maintenance due to removable filling tube, the filter housing incl.
pump can remain in the aquarium for refilling and maintenance
– Incl. pump of 12 V safety tension
– Flexibly adjustable mounting system
(multi reactor L can also be placed upright in the filter sump)

New in 2nd generation
– Extremely quiet in operation
– Low vibration due to a decoupled pump connection
– Optimized water flow with adjustable water level, low noise

Only valid for versions L + M:
– Due to the new double-chamber-system two different types of filter media can
be used simultaneously
– single-chamber-operation is also possible by removing the separating bottom of
the reaction chamber

multi reactor Gen II S M L
(l x w x h) mm
~60 x 50 x 325 ~80 x 60 x 390 ~100 x 100 x 465
Gross volume ml ~270 ~540 ~1.200
Filling quantity ml
(without sponge)
~150 ~380 ~800
Current consumption ~12 V / 4 W ~12 V / 8 W ~12 V / 14 W
Pump power ~200 l/h ~350 l/h ~450 l/h
For aquaria ≤ 350 l ≤ 500 l ≤ 800 l
Max. glass thickness
(for holder)
12 mm 12 mm 12 mm



EAN code: 4025901143157Item code: 409.930

multi reactor S – GEN II

EAN code: 4025901143164Item code: 409.940

multi reactor M – GEN II

EAN code: 4025901143171Item code: 409.950

multi reactor L – GEN II


EAN code: 4025901134551Item code: 410.930-11

O-rings Top multi reactor S

EAN code: 4025901134612Item code: 410.940-11

O-rings Top multi reactor M

EAN code: 4025901134674Item code: 410.950-11

O-rings Top multi reactor L

EAN code: 4025901134568Item code: 410.930-4

Holder multi reactor S

EAN code: 4025901134629Item code: 410.940-4

Holder multi reactor M

EAN code: 4025901137200Item code: 410.930-3

Pump DC w/o transformer multi reactor S 12 V

EAN code: 4025901137347Item code: 410.940-3

Pump DC w/o transformer multi reactor M 12 V

EAN code: 4025901137255Item code: 410.950-3

Pump DC w/o transformer – 12 V

EAN code: 4025901142204Item code: 410.930-31

Transformer multi reactor S – L universal 12 V/0,35 A

EAN code: 4025901145861Item code: 409.930-1

Top multi reactor S GEN II

EAN code: 4025901145892Item code: 409.930-5

Sponge multi reactor S GEN II/Set

EAN code: 4025901145878Item code: 409.940-1

Top + divider multi reactor M GEN II

EAN code: 4025901145908Item code: 409.940-5

Sponge multi reactor M GEN II/Set

EAN code: 4025901145885Item code: 409.950-1

Top + divider multi reactor L GEN II

EAN code: 4025901145915Item code: 409.950-5

Sponge multi reactor L GEN II/Set



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