Aqua-art Shrimp Sand Powder 4 kg - Fine black substrate



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Specialized aquarium substrate with small granulation shrimp for nano tanks and small, delicate foreground plants.

ShrimpSand POWDER is a scientifically developed substrate. Created on the basis of natural volcanic soil. Sintered with other necessary materials and alkaline elements, it creates a porous, soft structure, ideal for the development of natural bacterial flora. The unique ShrimpSand technology protects the health, proper development and safety of shrimp. This is done by absorbing ammonia and pollutants. It also clarifies water by absorbing its turbidity and discoloration. ShrimpSand adjusts the hardness of the water used, and adjusts the pH buffer, stabilizing its value at the ideal pH 6.5 for shrimp. POWDER is a low granularity substrate for nano tanks and foreground.

Shrimp Sand Features:

Safety: it has absorption properties that remove contaminants from water, including ammonia;

Water clarification: restores water clarity, removes colors and turbidity caused, for example, by wooden decorative elements inside the aquarium;

Stabilizes the pH of the water: it softens the water to levels appropriate for the natural areas of most species of shrimp.

Stabilizes the pH buffer; Natural bacterial flora: the porous structure of ShrimSand guarantees the development of natural bacterial flora, necessary for the proper functioning of the aquarium and the good condition of the shrimp;

Natural appearance: it fits perfectly with the arrangement of aquariums, harmonizing with the shrimp.

Instructions: prepare the aquarium, as well as the sub-gravel filter, if you have one, add the ShrimpSand to the aquarium so that a minimum layer of 4-6 cm is formed on the bottom, fill the aquarium with water to approx. 80% of its capacity. After a while, release the previously poured water, perform the operation gently, using a hose or a desilter, etc., pour water into the aquarium again, very carefully, being careful not to direct the water stream directly onto the substrate, after approx. 6-10 hours, the water should obtain expected parameters. let the shrimp slowly into the aquarium, thereby gradually getting used to the water parameters.

The substrate does not require rinsing.


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