Aqua-art Shrimp Mineral 500ml – minerals for shrimp tanks


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A preparation that provides shrimps with essential minerals that are often missing in soft water. Recommended for all species of dwarf shrimp and especially recommended for “Bee” shrimps. Increases the total hardness (GH) of water without changing its carbonate hardness (KH) and pH. Providing the shrimp with an appropriate level of general hardness (at the level of 5 German degrees or higher) and a low level of carbonate hardness (2-4 German degrees) and a pH of approx. 6.5 creates optimal conditions for the smooth passage of exuviae through the shrimps and their optimal development. It is not harmful to fish or other aquatic organisms.

1 ml (one press of the dispenser) of Shrimp Mineral for 4 liters of water increases the overall hardness in the aquarium by approx. 2 German degrees.


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