Aqua-art Aqua Substrate II+ 5,4kg brown


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Substrate for aquariums for soft water biotopes and planted aquariums.

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AquaSubstrate is a scientifically developed substrate, created on the basis of natural volcanic soil. Sintered with other, necessary materials and nutrients, it creates a porous, soft structure, ideal for the development of natural bacterial flora and proper nutrition of plant roots. The product is available in dark-brown, packed in 5.4 kg bags. The 5.4 kg AquaSubstrate bag contains the amount of substrate suitable for an aquarium with a capacity of approx. 40 liters. In the newly set up aquarium, cover the bottom surface with a 5-6 cm layer of AquaSubstrate.

The unique AquaSubstrate technology ensures water clarification by absorbing its turbidity and discoloration. AquaSubstrate reduces water hardness and corrects the pH buffer, setting its value in a perfect, for plants and animals from tropical soft water biotopes, the range is about 6.5-7.0.

The main features of AquaSubstrate are:

Long-term fertilization: AquaSubstrate contains slow-release fertilizer for long-lasting plants.

Water clarification: AquaSubstrate restores the clarity of water, removes colors and cloudiness caused by, for example, wooden decorative elements inside the aquarium.

Stabilizes the pH of the water: AquaSubstrate softens the water to levels appropriate for the natural areas of the majority of plants and fish cultivated in our aquariums. Stabilizes the pH buffer.

Health for the roots: the porous AquaSubstrate structure guarantees the development of a natural bacterial flora and is excellent for the healthy growth and nutrition of plant roots.

The natural look of AquaSubstrate fits perfectly with the arrangement of plant aquariums.


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