Apistogramma hongsloi Cichlid

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Common name(s) Apistogramma hongsloi Cichlid
Scientific name Apistogramma hongsloi
Family Cichlidae
Originate from Native to the Orinoco basin in South America. It is generally found in the wild in the Río Vichada and middle Río Meta basins in Colombia, plus the middle section of the Orinoco system in Venezuela
Care required Easy to care for and very beautiful
Temperament Relatively placid but territorial fish when spawning
Colour & Form Torpedo-shaped body with very elegant finnage
Lifespan Up to 5 years
Adult size 3 inches – male – 2 inches – female
Diet Carnivorous – eats Daphnia, Bloodworm, Tubifex worms and pellet food in the aquarium.
Aquarium size 36 inches in length or greater
Compatible with Most other Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Guppies and other livebearers, dwarf cichlids, smaller Gouramis, catfish and loaches that live in fairly acidic to neutral, soft water
Avoid keeping with Large and/or aggressive species in too small an aquarium and known fin-nippers
Breeding Easy if you put the fish in the right environment.
Water temp 73 – 84 Fahrenheit
Water pH 5.5 to 7.0
Water hardness (dGH or dH) 1 to 6 dGH




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