African Dwarf Frog

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African dwarf frogs originated in the rivers and streams of central Africa. These fully aquatic amphibians live their entire life in the water. African dwarf frogs can be kept with docile community fish. They should not be housed with aggressive fish whom they will not compete well with. Their colors can range from olive green to brownish-green.

Typical African dwarf frog appearance and behavior

  • Brown, mottled, rough-looking skin
  • Back feet have three “claws”
  • Spends most of the day on the bottom of the aquarium but swims to the surface to breathe air


Care Difficulty Intermediate
Average Life Span Up to 5 years with proper care
Average Adult Size 1¼-2 inches long
Diet Omnivore
Minimum Habitat Size 10+ gallons
Water Temperature 72-82°F


Habitat size

It is best to provide the largest habitat possible for your pet. African dwarf frogs should have a habitat size of 10 gallons or larger.

Building your habitat

Keep in an appropriately sized aquarium with a secure lid to prevent escape and plenty of hiding places such as logs, stone caves or other decorations made for aquariums.

  • Substrate – Ensure that gravel substrate on the bottom of the aquarium is too large for frogs to eat
  • Décor – Plants can be placed near the surface to allow frogs to rest when rising to take a breath. Aquarium decorations such as caves, logs and other items should be included as hiding places
  • Water quality – Stable water quality and parameters to include pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and water temperature are critical to the health of aquatic life. If you are unsure of your water quality, bring a sample to Petco for free testing


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